Finance & Business Support

As a hotel you might be facing numerous challenges and asking questions like:

How to increase your Gross Operating Profit (GOP) and EBITDA ?
What can be done to make sure that the increase in revenue also is reflected in the bottom line?
As a new hotel what can I expect to take to my bank account after having paid all the liabilities and expenses?
Increase profitability and maintain the service level at the same time could be another dilemma that you are facing.
Finance & Business support functions are key enablers to an organization’s success on the side of cost. The key is to make sure this area and support activities are aligned support the overall business strategy and are effective on delivery of organizational goals.
Below examples of some of the elements of finance and business support we can assist with:
New Project & Opening viability studies
Business Plans
Annual Budget Planning & Analysis
Development and implementation of financial control procedures
Maximize cash flow performance
Stock control
Labor and Human Resource topics
Cost savings