Customer Service & Quality

The quality function treats service as a process in which the guest's expectations are measured at every stage in order to create service that meets and potentially exceeds their expectations.

The employee-customer dyad must balance the need to create the warmth of a “home” setting with the need to maximize the income.
The key is infusing the voice of the customer into service design.
Travelers, particularly those on vacation trips, want memories they can look back on and smile.
The business travelers want to have effective service that responds and anticipates their specific needs.
The variety of tasks the agent performs can effectively gain a loyal client or break the business relationship with the customer.

A customer service representative interacts with the clients and expected to provide high service standards, addressing quires, work and in addition deal with and help resolve any customer complaints
Complaints from customers that you ignore or fail to resolve could damage the integrity of your business. Both you and your employees should know how to diffuse difficult situations before they escalate into matters that could negatively affect your hotel's reputation.

Front line positions can expose employees to high levels of stress for prolonged periods of time, while being the visible face of your business makes your employee motivation a key to keeping front office staff happy, productive and pleasant when dealing with guests while being efficient in performing the back office & distractive tasks.

We can assist your business in various means among others the following:

  • Customer Service Processes and Standards Set up
  • Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction
  • Quality Measurement & Benchmark
  • Online reputation Management
  • Team motivation skills and techniques
  • Front Line personnel trainings on site